RChilli now parses into the Slovak language

RChilli now parses in Slovak language – TalentCulture

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RChilli, the global leader in parsing, matching and data enrichment solutions, announces its latest breakthrough in parsing technology: the ability to parse in the Slovak language. This innovative enhancement demonstrates RChilli’s commitment to meeting diverse language needs in the recruitment industry.

Global companies are growing faster and with an increasing demand for multilingual talent, it has become critical for HR professionals to have access to tools that can effectively process resumes in different languages. RChilli understands this need and has expanded its parsing capabilities to include Slovak, allowing recruiters to efficiently analyze and manage resumes in this language.

RChilli’s multilingual parsing solution, a standard parsing solution in Oracle Recruiting Booster, also provides Slovak language support to Oracle users.

“Slovakia has become a prominent talent hub in Central Europe, and our decision to support Slovak Parsing reflects our commitment to providing world-class solutions to meet the needs of the recruitment landscape,” said Paramdeep Singh, Head of Marketing from RChilli. “By enabling our platform to analyze CVs in Slovak, we aim to streamline the recruitment process for organizations operating in this region, allowing better assessment and selection of candidates.”

RChilli’s advanced parsing technology uses machine learning algorithms and NLP (natural language processing) techniques to efficiently extract relevant information from resumes written in Slovak. From extracting candidates’ contact information and work experience to identifying skills and qualifications, RChilli’s parsing engine brings efficiency to resume parsing and helps recruiters focus their time and resources on connecting with top talent.

In addition to parsing resumes in Slovak, RChilli supports more than 40 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese and many more. This extensive language coverage helps RChilli serve a diverse global customer base and strengthens its position as a leading provider of multilingual recruitment solutions.

Whether it is a multinational company expanding its operations into Slovakia or a local startup looking for talent that speaks the Slovak language, RChilli provides the tools and technology needed to simplify the recruitment process.

Learn more about the languages ​​RChilli supports.

About RChilli

RChilli is the trusted partner for parsing, matching, and enriching data, providing companies in more than 50 countries with solutions built for the future of technology and recruiting. RChilli’s innovative products, backed by industry-leading technology, process more than 4.1 billion documents per year for more than 1,600 global recruitment platforms. RChilli has been enabling companies to hire better talent faster since 2010 and is ISO 27001:2022, SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA certified and GDPR compliant. RChilli also has a multilingual resume parsing app available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace and Salesforce AppExchange.

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